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Made By You!

What is my project and what makes it awesome?

Answer this one for sure!

My webite is is called "Anti-Social", and it is a chatroom website. What makes it different from other chatroom websites, is that it is an invite only site, instead of just anyone singing up, and getting acess to the website, you have to get sent your username and password. After you login, you can change your password, and avitar image. On the home page, there is a list of all of the current rooms, and you can click on the room's title to go to each room. Each room has a theme of something that you are interestid in, so that everyone in the room has something in common. You chat by leaving comments in a room, and each comment is tagged with the date, user who submitted it, and avitar of the user who submitted it.

How did you come up with your idea?

Pick one more...maybe this one?

During this class we learned how to create the things we need for a social media website, so when it came time to decide on a project, I knew immediately that I wanted to do a social media website, but I didn't know what type. This idea came up, when I thought of how I wanted a place where my friends and I could talk, but there were too many scenareos on most social media websites where we could get interrupted by random strangers. From there I decided that I want to be the one to choose who gets to chat on the website, and the easiest way to do that, is to make everyone's accounts on my own.

This Project was made for SheQL

SheQL is a free, 10 week course offered to high school girls, femmes, and non-males in the Summer of 2017 by Mystery Code Society and supported with materials and space by the Abrahams Branch library.

This project was built using Ruby, Postgres, ActiveRecord, and Sinatra.

If you think these sites are beautiful, that is thanks to a custom front-end framework by Cara Heacock (puzzalea on github). We are so lucky to have her!